Best Venting Apps to Rant Anonymously for Android & iOS

Best Venting Apps


We as humans have both good and bad days. Some days we go an extra mile to achieve things whereas other days we just want to exist in peace.

Bad days often make us feel miserable and useless, and we look for ways to get rid of all the bad vibes.

People usually look for a place to vent where they can have a good ranting session that helps to declutter their mind and gives clarity.

But people often feel that they do not want to burden their near and dear ones with their venting session or feel too embarrassed to open up. If you are one of those people, you have come to the right place.

This blog will help you discover priceless venting apps for both Android and iOS where you can speak freely about your problems to strangers and professionals without revealing your real identity.

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Best Apps to Vent Anonymously

Here is a list of apps where you can vent anonymously.

Millions of people use Whisper and find it useful. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

On this platform, people share their life updates and exchange advice safely. People can also meet new people with similar interests and make friends all while keeping their identity a secret.

There are also various groups and you can join one or many groups according to your interests and share your problems or solutions.

psst! anonymous venting app

It is one of the best apps to vent when you are having a terrible day or simply feeling low. This app helps you to meet people who have similar interests. You can share news, secrets, opinions, or confess anonymously and safely.

Like social media platforms, here too you can vote and comment on posts and follow the page if you can relate to their posts. You can also text people from around the globe and discuss your problems or simply rant with privacy. This app is available for Android users.

Secret Chat (Random Chat)

There may be times where you have a secret that you can’t share with your friends or family. But the secret might be troubling you. If you have faced a similar situation or are facing one, then it’s time to download the secret app that is available for iOS users.

You can post any confession or secret on this platform. You can also read other people’s secrets or confessions and can give them a virtual hug. This app does not require any signup or login. Your identity and secrets are protected at all times.

Vent - Express yourself freely

Vent provides a positive and uplifting space for people to rant as well as share their opinions. On this venting app, you can express your true self without the fear of being judged. You can post your feelings or react to other people’s posts using various emoticons.

You will also be able to make friends on this platform without sharing your identity. You can download this app through both iOS and Android devices.

It is a vent app online which has been in the market for a few years now. It works like any social media where you can post something and people will comment. You can post an update on anything related to mental health or life and people will post positive or helpful comments on your post.

You can also scroll through the feed and see the posts by other people. You can also choose to ignore the posts that might trigger you by using the necessary filters. The app ensures maximum safety and promotes a safe space.

HearMe Vent App

It is a vent app online which you can download from both Android and iOS devices. As the name suggests, this app houses many listeners who will patiently listen to your rant. It matches people who have similar interests.

The free version takes some time before connecting you to a listener but, be patient and you can have an amazing rant session. You can also use this app and review all your past chats. This app helps you in creating a habit of talking regularly.

Therapeer - Peer Emotional Support

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Using this app, you can have private conversations with strangers who have undergone the same problems and troubles as you. You can either discuss your problems and ask strangers for advice or can have a great rant session where you can unload all the issues.

A room is created where there are three listeners and you can put forth your problems. They will listen to your condition and provide suitable solutions. Do note that the strangers are common people who have experience and are not trained professionals.

In a Nutshell

In this fast-moving world, people may sometimes feel miserable, lonely, or left out. But it is necessary to stay strong during difficult times as there is always sunshine after a storm.

We understand that asking for help or simply unloading your troubles on your close ones may seem intimidating. But this does not mean that you should suffer alone.

There are many good anonymous venting apps that help people to rant to strangers. We have provided a handful of venting app options.

These apps provide a safe space and have unique features. You can use these apps to share your anxiety troubles, or you can have a rant session after a bad day!


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