10 Best Dating Apps for Disabled

dating apps for disabled


It’s an unfortunate fact that differently-abled people have to struggle hard to find their dream partner.

Sadly, most of them don’t have any idea about the apps designed specifically for the disables. The search for a mate for the disabled becomes even harder in such cases. Finding a companion involves entering the ‘personal sphere’ of the person.

Fortunately, dating apps for the disabled have as eliminated all the major barriers encountered by disables when looking for prospective life-partner.

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Top 10 Dating Apps for Disabled

Modern applications have revolutionized things for the differently-abled. Now, finding a soul mate is as easy as a cakewalk for them. Dating apps give them the power to find their ideal ‘romantic relationship’.

To know most popular dating applications tasked to help the disabled in bringing their romantic fantasies to life check the list below –

  • Gutsy Dating

This unique handicap dating app is created specifically for individuals who have digestive health issues like Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Gutsy Dating is the brainchild of Phil Beesley. It is extremely difficult for such people to find a soulmate who understands their symptoms.

After all, you can’t be expecting a great date if the other person follows a strict diet or needs to use the restroom frequently. Gutsy Dating may help you find a partner who is ready to accept you with your limitations.

  • Glimmer

Created by Christine Anderson and Geoff Anderson (her son), Glimmer is a truly special dating app for singles with cognitive and physical disabilities.

Though this app is specifically for disabled people it works just like other Android/iOS dating app. It comes with some unique and special features such as the option of choosing a disability from the given list.

Glimmer helps the Differently-abled people to get rid of their fears of rejection and feel liberated.

  • Special Bridge

Special Bridge is an ultimate savior for differently-abled singles.

In addition, they have also introduced a unique social networking site for single people suffering from some kind of emotional, mental, or physical disability. There are life-stories to share and lots of stuff to discuss for someone dating when disabled.

Special Bridge allows disabled individuals to open each and every chapter of their life before ‘someone special’ who truly understands them. In simple words, it brings support, love, and friendship in their lives.  

  • Inclov

It is an inclusive dating app to help both disabled and able-bodied singles find their perfect match.

Currently, Inclov has a monthly user base of more than one billion disabled people. Having global coverage this dating app conducts matchmaking on the basis of a specific medical condition, cure availability, and level of independence.

Unlike other dating apps, Inclov doesn’t follow the criteria of matchmaking based on the looks of the people. In a measure to benefit people with the best possible results, the app focuses on interests, compatibility, medical condition and lifestyle choices of the individuals.

  • Dating4Disabled

It’s a free app that connects disabled people from all over the globe.

Dating4Disabled empowers them to build relationships and find an ideal life-partner. The dating app allows users to share resources, meet, and date with other differently-abled people.

The Best part is that users aren’t bound to any contract, but there is no compromise with their privacy. Personal information of the users is kept highly confidential.

In addition, Dating4Disabled benefits its users with a wide range of tools, such as disabled chat rooms, a smart search function, forums, and more.

Most of its standard options are fairly similar to the ones featured in typical online dating apps, but it is serving as a great resource for the disabled singles to find romance or friendships.

  • Match.com

With monthly users nearing to 13.5 million, Match.com has emerged as the most popular dating app for single people with disabilities. Helping people to see the world beyond their disabilities this dating app offers countless options to choose from.

There are thousands of dating profiles featured on this app. You can easily browse through them and find your ideal soul mate. This dating app allows differently-abled people to search and filter profiles easily according to their choice and preference.

  • Soulful Encounters

Soulful Encounters allows the disabled singles to connect with their potential life-partner through their highly personalized profiles. It is one of the best solutions to dating for disabled seniors.

This app features a number of great options like messaging, chat, and an on-site radio station for its members. With zero monthly fees, Soulful Encounters brings a vibrant opportunity for the disabled to connect with their life-partners.

  • Disability Dating

Disability Dating is another amazing app designed to help various types of disabled people. It helps them to make true love connections through understanding and mutual respect. The app also encourages its users to find the missing element of their lives.

Disability Dating focuses on creating a positive and secure online atmosphere for its members.

  • No Longer Lonely

No Longer Lonely is the next best dating app designed to help mentally ill people find a romantic partner. It offers them the ease of finding and dating a disabled person of their own kind.

From depression, schizophrenia disorder, to bipolar No Longer Lonely caters to the needs of singles having a specific mental condition. The aim is to help these people find an understanding partner who can provide the needed comfort, advice, and support in hard times.

  • Disability Match

With constantly expanding membership across a diverse range of disabilities, Disability Match has marked its place among top dating apps for the disabled. This app is very careful in its approach and focuses on the privacy of its users.

Disability Match comes with detailed tutorials to help and guide its users so that they can make the most of their online profiles. Search can be conducted on this app as per the interests, area, and disability.

Concluding Word

Dating can be intimidating and scary and the situation becomes tougher when you are disabled. The dating app for handicap gives great opportunities to the differently-abled people who want to bring romance in their lives.

In order to get the best out of these apps, make sure to create a genuine profile where you honestly mention your limitations and disability.


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