Email Marketing Guide For Screen Printers – How to Do it Right?

screen printing marketing strategies - Email Marketing Guide


Today’s digital world makes way for new methods of marketing such as social media marketing, SEO, paid marketing etc.

However, among all marketing efforts, email marketing is the most simple, cost-effective, measurable and efficient marketing effort.

It is a must for all businesses, be it large or small, and screen printing is no exception.

Sending out emails in a timely fashion to your target customers is a great way to stay on top your customers’ minds, which eventually will give you a sales boost.

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How Email Marketing Guide Gives You an Edge

Email marketing has numerous advantages that give businesses an edge over other marketing campaigns.

So, let’s learn a few pointers from the email marketing guide to help you succeed.

  • Email marketing basically costs nothing, but some time and effort. However, if you would be sending out emails at a regular interval you may want to invest in an email automation software. An email automation software and other tools will make email marketing much easier and simpler for yours.
  • Most other forms of marketing such as running a print ad in a magazine is a one-size-fits-all message. On the other hand, email marketing enables you to specially tailor your messages as per the target customers. You can send out different emails to different segments of your market to maximize their value and their open rates. It gives you more control over who sees what content, at the same time increasing its effectiveness.
  • One of the biggest advantages of email marketing is that it can be accurately measured. You can immediately measure the effectiveness of your website. On the other hand, it is impossible to measure the exact engagement of a print ad. Even when you send a mass email through an email marketing campaign, you can get a detailed analysis and performance statistics in real time using software and tools.

Getting Your Audience Engaged

Email marketing is a simple, and straightforward method of reaching your target audience and keeping them engaged with the useful content.

However, you have to make sure that your email content is informative and helpful instead of being annoying.

  • Before sending out emails, you need to garner email list. You could do that by offering a subscribe option on your website. This way, you have your customers’ permission to send them emails. Because sending unsolicited marketing emails to just about anyone could make your email end-up in the spam folder. It hurts your reputation as well as wastes your time.
  • Also, the timing of your email should be scheduled so that your recipients can predict and expect your emails to reach time at the right time. So keep it regular and don’t try to bombard them with too much content and unreasonable amount of communication.
  • You could also send out emails asking them for feedback and learn what type of content they would like to receive. If you have a blog on your website, you could ask them for blog topic suggestions. Keep them updated with latest product offerings, exciting deals, and discount. If you are conducting events, let your target audience know by sending them emails.

Crafting Emails That Make an Impact

In this email marketing guide, we will also learn about how crafting emails can make an impact.

The grim reality of high volume email marketing campaign is that most of the messages will not be opened by your recipients.

However, you can still apply some techniques to stand-out in the crowd.

  • First, you have to craft content that your recipients would love to read. This doesn’t mean you will only send out coupons and discounts every day. Although promotion is great through email marketing, regularly send promotional content can be detrimental. On the other hand, you can simply provide a link to helpful blog posts or some interesting and relevant videos. You could send all sorts of content that you think will be of some value to your recipients.
  • It is necessary that you create a compelling subject line to encourage the recipient to open the message. However, it must be able to precisely represent the content of the email. Receivers would not appreciate if they the subject line and the body of the email are not in-line with each other. This sort of message is sure to end up in the trash or spam folder.
  • Make sure that your subject lines are not misleading to avoid being end-up in a spam folder. If too many of your email is marked as spam, your email ID may even be added to a blacklist, this will reduce your email deliverability.

Because email marketing campaign can be monitored and can be adjusted to meet your specific needs, it is a great way to start your campaign.

It will also help refine your existing practices.

By employing the right techniques and skilled professionals, you are sure to get the best return on investment for your time and effort.

You could install a comprehensive Web to Print Solution such as inkXE – best known for T-Shirt Design Software that has marketing tools embedded in it.

So, this was all about email marketing guide and and doing it right!! Implement the above said points and you are good to go.


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