5 Best Face Shield Masks for Coronavirus Protection

Face Shield Masks for coronavirus


The current Covid 19 pandemic has taken the world by storm, something that no one has ever anticipated. The worst part about this pandemic is that there is no guarantee as to when it will get over and restore normalcy in people’s lives.

The ways Coronavirus has disrupted the lives of people is endless, and not one person in the entire world can be said to have not been affected by it.

Face shield masks have become the new normal along with social or physical distancing and regular hand-washes.

Health agencies all around the world, including the World Health Organisation, are encouraging people to not leave their homes without a proper face mask or face shield mask.

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What is Face Shield?

p>Cloth face masks although are being widely used by people in hopes of preventing the transmission of the novel coronavirus, yet experts suggest that cloth face masks prevent the transmission of the virus only up to a certain limit.

The face shield is a particular type of face protection gear that are constructed out of low-cost materials such as a re-usable transparent clear sheet, and a strap that can be tied to the wearer’s head.

Such a type of face mask with shield provides a much better barrier to any kind of transmission of the virus as compared to cloth face masks. It has been reported by several experts that face shields have proven to be an effective deterrent to the spread of Covid-19.

These full face shield masks have several advantages over other masks since they are affordable, can be reused as they can be cleaned using simple soap and water or other disinfectants, they are much more comfortable than face masks and also, offer full protection to the entire face which also prevents one from touching their face.

The transparency of the shield face mask also helps in clearly displaying your facial expressions, lip movements, etc. which are not possible with regular masks.

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5 Best Face Shield Mask for Coronavirus Protection

Go Hooked Safety Face Shield

  • Go Hooked Safety Face Shield- This highly recommended, easy-to-use face shield is one of the best go-to options if you want to buy face shields for either you or your family.

The best part about this particular face mask shield is that it is ant-fog and recyclable as it is specially made of Polyethylene terephthalate, which automatically prevents fog from settling inside the mask thereby, keeping your sight clear at all times even if you use them continuously for long hours.

The safety strap is made up of soft and durable sponge, which makes it very comfortable to wear. The shield mask is adjustable to make a custom fit for all since it has an elastic headband.

The shield has a thickness of 350 microns, which ensures full-face protection and a clear screen, which does not hinder your visibility even slightly.

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Buildskill Face Shield

  • Buildskill B05FS01 Safety Face Shield- This particular medical face shield mask is highly rated and well-recommended as most doctors use this face shield mask.

The shield mask is made of polycarbonate material, which is highly effective in preventing any liquid, dust, etc. from penetrating the shield. This shield mask protects your entire face and is easy to maintain; it can be easily cleaned using water or alcohol-based substance.

The equipment as the whole is light weighted and, therefore, is feasible to use while working. The size is suitable for teenagers and adults alike and also is highly affordable, which makes it a steal buy.

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La Forte Adult Face Shield

  • La Forte Safety Adult Face Shield- This full face shield mask is another commonly used one with a shield thickness of 500 Micron, which makes it a reliable option for those who want some extra protection in such risky times.

The mask with face shield has a large, transparent visor, which gives you optimum visibility, and the anti-fog and anti-static nature of the face shield gives this particular one a plus point.

It is highly effective if you have to step out for any kind of outdoor activity such as running errands to the supermarket or if you have to travel. The elastic band makes it comfortable to wear and it adjusts perfectly to your head.

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Disposable Face Shield

  • Oriley ORFS10 Disposable Face Shield- Another highly rated face mask with shield comes with a major advantage for people who wear prescription glasses and have problems finding the perfect face shield mask, which does not disrupt their visibility.

With its anti-splash features, this particular face mask with eye shield is ideal and effective to use in even risky work environments such as hospitals, labs, etc. where there is a high percentage of contracting the Coronavirus.

This face shield mask has a custom fit and has an elastic headband that fits securely on all types of head sizes. It also has a sponge headband, which can be used as extended wear.

With optimal durability and anti-fog, anti-static features, you can rely on this face mask shield to protect you from dust, or virus particles without disturbing your visibility.

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Gilary Safety Face Shield

  • Gilary Safety Face Shield- This face shield mask comes with a guarantee of delivering the best results and delivery within 7 days, which is highly needed during such difficult times when most places are under lockdown.

This medical face shield mask prevents fog from forming inside even if you use it for a long period. It protects you successfully from spit or any kind of splatter through its ergonomics design and is also uncomplicated to use.

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Ever since masks have become the symbol for the fight against the dangerous novel coronavirus, its use has increased tremendously.

Most workplaces have already made the wearing of masks mandatory for stepping inside the premises. Till effective vaccine is discovered for this deadly virus, life outside our homes will involve face masks.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of each one of us to protect ourselves and the people around us to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and take necessary precautions.

The famous saying that ‘Prevention is better than cure’ has never made more sense, and it is time that we keep ourselves safe and sound.


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