How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer at Home

How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer at Home


These days, the rates at which infectious viruses like Coronavirus and germs are spreading surely you need to be extra careful with what product you are using. No doubt the price of hand sanitizer has gone up.

But it is equally true that your hands need to have the pause of the germs spread and for which only the right type of hand sanitizer is needed. It surely would protect your health and ensure that you at least will not pass germs to other people.

There are some of the best ways to learn how to make sanitizer by which you can save your money.

Wondering what that can be? Well, here I am talking about the quality hand sanitizer.

Surely by now, you know how important hand sanitizer is and what all brands creating such type of product have been trending in the market today. However, you need to understand that it is now possible for you to make your hand sanitizer.

There is no hard and fast rule on how to make hand sanitizer then it all depends on the quality and ingredients that you use, you have to b extra cautious. You have to also keep in mind some type of tools that are required for mixing the sanitizer solution rightly otherwise, it can contaminate the entire solution, which of course, you would not want to happen.

As per the World Health Organization, it has been advised that concoction sits for at least 72 hours once it is done. This way, the sanitizer has the time to kill off those harmful germs and bacteria which might have been introduced while mixing the process.

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How to Make Your Hand Sanitizer at Home

To make your hand sanitizer, you need to understand that some easy things can be chosen. There are only a few ingredients that you need, such as:

Ingredients to Make Sanitizer at Home

  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Rubbing alcohol which is also called as the isopropyl
  • Tea tree oil or lavender oil

Along with this, you have to take in the ratio of 2:1 alcohol and aloe Vera. In this process, you need to make sure the content of alcohol is nearly 60%. This is the minimum of the amount which is required for killing most of the germs

Easy way make your hand sanitizer

As per some of the health care experts on how to make your own hand sanitizer, it has been clearly stated that hand sanitizer recipe is not difficult. It can kill nearly 99.9% of the germs in 1 minute but, it can work only if you use in the right manner

Things that you need

  • Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol -3/4 cup
  • Aloe vera gel-1/4 cup
  • Essential oil like Lavender oil- 10 drops
  • You need to mix all the ingredients rightly in the bowl. You can use a powering spot, such as a glass measuring container.
  • Make sure you mix it with a spoon and then beat it well with a whisker. This will turn the sanitizer into a gel.
  • You then need to put the ingredient into an empty bottle for making better use and call it as hand sanitizer.

The Better (Spray) Recipe

  • Glycerol or glycerin
  • Distilled water
  • Isopropyl alcohol (also here)
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Spray bottle

The mixture of the aloe Vera that you will use can help you get the right sanitizer. But it is also a fact that you may notice some kind of stickiness. That is why you can choose to create another option that is less sticky and more potent.

For this, make sure you take 12 fluid ounces of alcohol and mix it well with the 2 teaspoons of glycerol. You can then go ahead and purchase the glycerol online. It is important to ensure the alcohol will not get dried out of hands so easily.

You can go ahead and then also add other recipe ingredients. They help in keeping your hands moisturized right after you apply the sanitizer

  • Now in the 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, you have to mix the 3 fluid ounces of distilled water. Always remember if the content of rubbing alcohol is low, then you need to use less water. But make sure the final mixture has at least ¾ of alcohol present in it

While making the hand sanitizer, here are some essential tips that you need to follow:

  • Make sure you are preparing the hand sanitizer in a clean space. You need to clean the counter area nicely for which a diluted bleach solution can be helpful
  • You have to then wash your hands well before you create the hand sanitizer.
  • If you are planning to mix the ingredients, then whisker and spoon have to be clean. It is okay to clean these things thoroughly, maybe 3 times before you use them all.
  • Make sure that the alcohol that you are going to use for the hand sanitizer is not diluted
  • The ingredients need to be mixed well till they get blended rightly
  • Make sure you don’t touch the mixture with your hands at all

Wrapping Up

The recipes on how to make hand sanitizer at home easy that also include the one which can be used as a spray focus only to be used by the experts who have at least a good knowledge and have don’t great research in this field. The individual preparing such a solution need to be aware of the right way to use the ingredients and create the product rightly

You can use the homemade sanitizer in the scenarios when your handwashing sanitizer is not available, or there is no scope of it to come in the market for quite sometime

Make sure you don’t use the hand sanitizer on the skin of the kids as they have sensitive skin and are quite prone to mishandle it, which increases the huge risk of injury.

Now that you are pretty aware of how to make homemade hand sanitizer and using the right type of hand sanitizer or making the one which can ease down all your stresses, make sure you take every precaution and then do it.


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