How to Prepare for Board Exams in 15 Days

How to Prepare for Board Exams in 15 Last Days


Only 2 weeks or 15 days to go for your board exams?

Are you stressed out or freaked out?

Relax . . !!!

Yes, time is less and you are at the edge of the hill, but still, you can do it with proper planning, a set timetable, and some hard work.

Don’t get stressed out or hyper at first instance.

Calm down. It is a pressure every student faces in their life.

Be patient and confident that you can do it.

You just need to believe in yourself.

How to prepare for board exams in 15 days

There is a small secret to get through this phase:

Be Confident and put complete concentration on what you study.

Understand what you are reading rather than just mugging up like a parrot.

Best Time to Study

According to a lot of researchers conducted, the best time to study is in the early morning hours.

The brain functions 100% between 4.00 AM to 6.00 AM, whereas it functions 50% between 6.00 AM to 7.30 AM.

It has been observed that during the exam times, a lot of students tend to practice a very unhealthy schedule (or) routine.

One should understand the body behaviors and its capability to take the stress.

Taking proper rest is very important in order to keep your body stress levels under check which can help your brain function well to utilize its maximum potential.

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Let’s move on and have a look on some ways on how to prepare for board exams in last 15 days:


Before moving ahead, let your mind know that you have well ample of time to prepare for your exam if a proper planning is done.

Although 15 days are not good enough for preparation, they are neither bad too.

  • Plan a well-set TIMETABLE
  • Divide or manage your TIME well
  • Divide the syllabus into manageable parts
  • Get your GOAL clear.


Now, let’s get started with our preparation.

Get your weapons ready and then Attack!!!

Organize your study space.

A lot of time gets wasted searching for notes and other essential things.

Before you sit back and start your exam preparation, get things well organized and arranged at a specified place.

Have a proper plan set on how to prepare for 12th board exams in 15 days.

Things you need to organize before-hand

  • Exam timetable
  • Books
  • Previous year question papers
  • Important papers
  • Stationary
  • Manage your Timetable

A well-planned timetable is usually a perfect key to success.

If you start without knowing what you have to do, you will end up getting bewildered and more panicked!!

Paste your actual exam timetable on your bulletin board and then your study timetable.

For the easy study, you can either make your study timetable in reverse order of your exam timetable or as per your feasibility in the easy subjects.

Or the one which requires less time can be finished first and then the tough subjects can be attacked.

Divide your time appropriately among the subjects first, like a number of days or number of hours for each subject.

You need to assign appropriate hours for each subject, while you assign your time keep in mind that within each subject, there are few chapters which don’t need much time or you can say they are less important from the exam point of view.

So unnecessarily wasting time on such topics is waste of time and efforts. Skip them!!!

While preparing your timetable, don’t try to make it too tedious.

Study hours should be for 2hrs and then there should be a break before you move on to next hour.

You need proper rest and sleep during study hours.

Don’t forget to take time to refresh yourself.

Indulge in some physical activity for few hours.

Be wise and plan smartly!!

Set your Goals

The question here is “how to prepare for board exams 12 in 15 days”, which implies we need to accomplish our goal in just 15 days and our goal is to prepare ourselves well for the board exams.

To get yourself motivated, set small goals first as completing your goals gives you that sense of achievement and helps you move to the next level with positive energy.

You can either start with 1 subject a day which you feel you are good in or take 2 subjects and 1 can be a language in it.

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Study Flow

  1. First, go through the chapters you feel you know well.
  2. Just to have a quick revise it. Then move on to ones which require more efforts and eventually the toughest chapters.
  3. By the end of the day, before winding up your day’s study, don’t forget to revise what you have learned that day.
  4. After you have done 1 chapter, take a break for at least 15minutes.
  5. Rest and eat something.
  6. A break after each chapter makes u feel fresh and revive you back to move ahead.
  7. Try to make some quick notes or visual diagrams to help you revise or get a last-minute gasp on the subject just a day before your exam.
  8. This way you can have a quick look at the chapters and recall all the notes a day before exam instead of again going in depth of the subject.

NOTE: The points should be so clear and compact such that it can help you in getting a complete revision of the subject.

U can make it easy even by drawing some diagrams like flowcharts etc.

  1. Concentrate more on chapters that hold more percentage value.

The chapters which carry high weightage will help you more in clearing your exam.

This is the best way to prepare for 10th board exams in 15 days.

The core chapters hold the most important data.

Go through the formulas, theorems, illustrations, diagrams etc.

In short, concentrate on all the important material of all the subjects.

80% of exam papers come from these core chapters and if you are well through these chapters, then you are almost ready for your exam.


Lastly, don’t forget to have a good and proper sleep, along with a healthy diet.

Avoid junks and all sorts of unhygienic food.

Keep yourself healthy, hydrated and fit before your board exams.

A sleep of 8hours is very important as it helps to boost your memory.

One of the biggest mistakes most students usually make is they study all night and get exhausted and sleep in daytime, which eventually leads to low memory power.

So, a proper sleep is also as essential and equally important as other things.

So, this was a detailed insight and idea on how to prepare for board exams in 15 days.

If you wisely follow all the details given here, then you can easily crack your board exams with good results.

All the Best and Get Going!!!


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