How to Unbanned WhatsApp Account

How to Unbanned WhatsApp Account


WhatsApp is a household name and is the most popular messaging app due to its amazing features. WhatsApp world is growing day-by-day, with launching new and engaging features every now and then its user base has grown huge and is continuing.

With such a huge user base, there are fair chances of WhatsApp getting misused. To prevent its misuse and provide the users with a safe and secure messaging app, WhatsApp has a set of policies which they call as “Terms of Service”. They have a section headed as “Acceptable Use of Our Services” in which they have mentioned the appropriate uses of WhatsApp and which activities can violate them.

Any violation of these policies leads to the banning of your WhatsApp account and WhatsApp may not even notify you about the ban. Most of us don’t pay much attention to these service terms and end up violating them by mistake which results in banning our accounts.

Well, if it’s a sheer mistake then definitely the problem has a solution and you can unban WhatsApp account. But before we tell you how to unbanned WhatsApp, let us know more about the types of the ban and their reasons.

There are two types of bans-Temporary and Permanent and the most common WhatsApp ban reasons are:

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Reasons for WhatsApp Ban

  • Installing any third-party applications that interact or interfere with WhatsApp. They might change the font style, background, add emoticons and so on. WhatsApp does not like any sort of intervention in its world and often blocks their users if any such interference is tracked. So, you get a deactivated WhatsApp, which you didn’t want and expected.
  • Sending bulk messages to an unknown person. When you do not have a number saved in your phone and you send a lot of messages to that contact due to any reason, WhatsApp may consider you as a spam messenger. To maintain the privacy of its users, WhatsApp deactivates your account.
  • If a lot of WhatsApp users have blocked your number to prevent receiving messages from you. Of course, all of them has blocked you in a short duration of time. WhatsApp immediately notices this and do not want its users to be disturbed by any unwanted elements. As a result, it bans your number.
  • Creating a group and adding unlisted contacts or people who don’t have your number saved on their phones. This is one is an extension to the second reason. Therefore, here again, your account gets banned from WhatsApp.
  • Creating and sharing adult related or prohibited content often. Well, WhatsApp is way more intelligent than you can think and detect such content and subsequently block your account.

Now, when you are aware of the banning reasons and you end up with a blocked account, you want a resolution to reactivate WhatsApp account. This blog will help you escape from the WhatsApp ban.

How to Unbanned WhatsApp Account

If any of the above is the case with you then read the following steps to reactivate WhatsApp.

Step 1: Uninstall WhatsApp from your phone

Step 2: Download and reinstall it again with updates

Step 3: After you enter your phone number, you will see a page with a support button. Click on it.

Step 4: A support form will open. Write the details of your issue and add your phone number as well.

Step 5: Press “Next” and scroll down and select “This does not answer my problem”

Step 6: Send an email at [email protected] for support

Step 7: Within a few hours you will receive a reply email.

If you do not get an option for support in WhatsApp, you can directly mail to [email protected] writing down- My WhatsApp number ********01 (e.g.) has been blocked. Kindly restart my account. And give all other necessary details along with a screenshot.

For temporary ban, it takes 24hrs to unbanned WhatsApp, while for a permanent account it can take up to 48hrs.

Final Words

If the above method fails to get your WhatsApp account unbanned, then probably it is banned forever.

In this case, you can create a new ID and get a new number and then sign up on WhatsApp as a fresh user.

Hope this article was useful to you!


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