How to Get Reliance Jio Sim for Windows Phone?

Jio Sim for Windows Phone


From the past few months, Reliance Jio sim is available for almost all the devices such as Android and IOS devices. But, like all the time Windows phone users has to suffer to take advantage of newly launched features for mobile phone. The same thing happened in case of Reliance Jio for the Windows phone users, they have to wait for the latest update to get Jio for their mobiles.

Nowadays Windows users are searching for how to get reliance Jio sim for Windows phone, reliance Jio apps on Windows phone like Jio join Windows, Jio music Windows, Jio movies Windows, Jio 4G voice Windows.

Don’t worry guys, we are here to help you to get Jio sim for your Windows phone. We are sharing a trick for Windows phone users by which you can get ease to Reliance 4G sim for your device.  This seems to be a very simple trick to get Jio 4G sim.

Initially, you have to get a Jio sim first and after that, you can get Jio apps. To get the Jio sim, you need an Android phone on which you have to install all the apps through which you can generate the code to get Reliance 4G Jio sim card.

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  1. Take any 4G android device.
  2. Install MY Jio app by following these steps (My Jio app is developed by Reliance Jio digital services and it is for free of cost.)
  3. Open the app and download all the required apps.
  4. After finishing the download procedure, exit from the app.
  5. Go to settings and open Apps>MyJio.
  6. Now clear all the app data and reopen the app again.
  7. After opening the app, make sure to turn mobile data off.
  8. Click to open>
  9. Now turn your mobile data On again and click on Get Jio Sim option.
  10. Your code is generated.
  11. Grab your desired documents with the code to get the Reliance Jio sim.
  12. Now you have got your Reliance Jio sim for Windows phone to enjoy their feature.


  1. Your handset must be 4G LTE such as Nokia Lumia 638, 640XL, etc.
  2. Only VOLTE supported devices can support high definition (HD) calls.
  3. Speed can’t be increased by VPN support.

Moreover, Jio officials are working to launch the My Jio app for Windows phone users. But till the launching, the above trick can be used to get Jio for Windows phone users so as to enjoy the exciting features of Reliance Jio such as free calling and free networking. There are many other features also there in My Jio app by which you feel better.

Final Words

So are you able to download Jio for windows phone? if yes then share our article with your friends and let them know this trick to use reliance Jio sim on their windows phones.


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