5 Small Business Mall Kiosk Ideas

Business Mall Kiosk Ideas


The Kiosks are turning out to be incredibly profitable for the small business owners. The appeal of the kiosk is that it is relatively easy to set up, requires low maintenance, less expensive, and are highly accessible. All it needs to be successful is the right exposure to a targeted audience.

If you want to step into the testing grounds of kiosk then here are few successful mall kiosk ideas.

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5 Small Business Mall Kiosk Ideas

  • Food Kiosk

Food kiosks are one of the most popular or commonly adapted mall kiosk ideas. This can be a great idea in areas like malls and shopping centers where moderate to high traffic is experienced.

The food kiosk and carts are similar to the staples of popcorn, ice cream, hot dogs, coffee, donuts etc., You can come with any delicious food kiosk idea to have the customers stop and get some treat.

  • Accessories and Apparel

Well, the Accessories and Apparels kiosk stand at second place luring people in malls and moderately trafficked areas like high-end shopping centers. The beauty of these kiosks is that the customers get a variety of collection to choose from jewelry, scarves, handbags, T-shirts, shoes etc.

There is also an option of setting up a one-niche focused kiosk like only jewelry, or only clothing as well. These can upscale your business as well.

  • Electronics Kiosk

When on a shopping spree, it’s obvious for the people to stop at an electronic kiosk to buy gadgets that seem to be the best deal. The electronics kiosk can comprise mobile phones, their accessories, and other home appliances.

All it takes for a smooth run of the electronic kiosk is the exposure in the right area like the high-traffic area and competitive prices. It’s obvious to have your competitors around so make sure you don’t let your customers think twice about the price.

  • Gift items Kiosk

Another successful mall kiosk idea would be of setting up a gift item kiosk. This type of kiosk can comprise any type of gift from creative to antique, for birthdays to anniversaries and special occasions.

Adding up some handicraft can also be a good idea. Again, the pricing would play a critical role here, the more competitive edge your pricing is the more customers you lure in.

  • Cosmetics Kiosk

Now, this can sound a little off-track, but this surely is great for today’s traffic. Though the cosmetics kiosk didn’t do really good earlier, it seems to have synced itself now with today’s fast-paced industries.

The cosmetics kiosk at the high-end shopping centers, and malls or places where we can find the female traffic can be a great idea. Since the market is exclusively for the women, the visual appeal is the key to success.

Bottom Line

If you own a small business and desire to upscale it then the mall kiosk can be an excellent testing ground for targeting audience and generating interest in a product or service.

They can offer you the steady stream of revenue when ensured the setup is appropriate and rightly placed.


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