How E-Learning Technology Can Be a Boon to Upcoming Entrepreneurs



Most entrepreneurs speak of their businesses as their baby – and with good reason! Just like a child, a business requires a lot of effort, time and patience and as it is with a child, you also get incomparable happiness and contentment from seeing it grow. And then there is the money! With your own business, the sky’s the limit.

Most businessmen, especially in the initial years, are required to don many hats and handle a variety of roles.  And while some might be able to learn quickly on their own, for others some areas remain difficult to understand. So what can one do? Well, Google it of course!

A simple search throws up an entire world of eLearning with an array of courses – from management to marketing to accountancy – designed to help entrepreneurs get skilled on-the-job.

Ed-Tech companies, such as Talentedge, are offering courses which businessmen and women can access right from their homes or offices or on their mobile devices while traveling. The latest cutting-edge digital technologies – such as Cloud Computing, Artificial intelligence, and Machine Learning – are combined with the knowledge of reputed instructors and institutions to offer professional long distance courses. Courses that are designed to provide targeted knowledge essential to make a business grow.

The skyrocketing popularity of the some of these courses – Entrepreneurship from IIM Kashipur and Rohtak, Digital Marketing from XLRI, Project Management from XLRI and Advanced Financial Management – prove that Ed-Tech companies like Talentedge have got it right!

Delivered online in a Live and Interactive manner these courses work really well for entrepreneurs who are crunched for time but understand that new businesses need new skills. The eLearning content designed by Talentedge caters specifically for working professionals and the entire course structure is designed to make learning easy, useful and retentive. While the courses are conducted online the learner is still able to access all the guidance and engagement pretty similar to real classroom learning – from their homes or offices.

Whether it involves starting a catering business, an infrastructure project or an HR consulting firm – the skills needed to further businesses are now available online in small, affordable packages.

The Government is pumping in effort, resources, and money into projects like Make in India, Startup India and Digital India. This has resulted in an increase in people stepping out to try new ventures. – there are currently more than 48 million small businesses in the country! For people looking to jump on to the business bandwagon, there has never been a better time. All you need is the right financing and the right skills to make a success of your dreams.



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