8 Key Features We Can Expect in Future Smartphones

Flexible Screens - future smartphones


The modern smartphones are so advanced in terms of technology, that the world has never seen before. If we compare smartphones from a few years ago, there is nothing that smartphones can’t do these days. They will soon be replacing the place of a personal computer.

Smartphones are also evolving into the slimmest version they can be of. With such a high-speed connectivity, powerful full megapixel cameras, speed web browsing, touchscreen interface, high internal storage capacities, fingerprint scanners and more than a million of apps for every single that you can think of available at our fingertips with just a few clicks, there are no limits to what these small pieces of technology can do today.

With smartphones developing at such a fast pace, it is difficult to predict what kinds of developments might take place in these little devices over the coming years. But curiosity knows no end and so, here we are going to list out a few of the features and developments that the future smartphones has in store for us.

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Let’s take a closer look at a few of the anticipated Future Smartphone Innovations:

  1. Flexible Screens

Flexible Screens - future smartphones

Flexible screens are one of the hottest topics in the mobile industry currently. Smartphones will soon provide a large and foldable screen to watch and play your favorite games and movies and fold it to pocketable size without any hassle. Screens can be folded and unfolded easily with the help of OLED technology. This paper-thin screen can also be able to project from both sides of the screen, where you can show pictures or videos to your friend on one side and use the other side as a control.

  1. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality - Future Smartphones

Augmented reality gives out more accurate information to the users by combining what we see in real life to the computer data. With AR, you can easily point the camera of your mobile anywhere ‘live’ to get the information about where you can find the nearest places such as cafes, petrol stations, ATMs etc. Since smartphones are portable, they serve a good platform for Augmented Reality.

Most of the Augmented Reality apps that are available now utilize the Global Positioning System (GPS) to facilitate location searches. But this feature is going to be developed furthermore in the coming years since it has a lot of potentials.

  1. Under screen fingerprint scanners

Under screen fingerprint scanners - Future Smartphone Technologies

Qualcomm has already announced the next generation of ultrasonic fingerprint scanners and Vivo, a famous smartphone manufacturer has given a demo of the technology in a proper working handset.

Though the physical home buttons that are integrated with fingerprint scanners are here to stay for a foreseeable future, there will be a lot of flagship smartphones that will sport fancier, better and hidden alternatives that provide more safety and security.

  1. Built-in Projectors

Built-in Projectors - Mobile Phone Technologies

Smartphones will soon be integrated with a projector within. The Samsung Galaxy Beam which was released in 2010, already has this feature with a built-in DLP (Digital Light Projection) WVGA projector that projects the smartphones at up to 50 inches in size.

Future smartphones can be turned into interactive gaming consoles without needing a TV screen, you only need a flat surface for it. You can use your voice in place of a physical controller. This technology will make projectors a new way of engaging with your smartphone.

  1. Retina Scanning

ratina scaning - Future Smartphones

Future smartphones will not require an unlock button, for it will be replaced with retina scanning technology. The fingerprint scanners have made their way further to retina scanning.

All of the smartphone manufacturing companies are diligently working on this technology, to be capable of scanning the iris to unlock your smartphone. One benefit of this technology is that this biometric technique cannot be reproduced.

Passwords, pins, and patterns are no longer considered as a safe enough option, fingerprint scanner will also soon become old and make way for retina scanning technology. It will definitely be valued by all the tech lovers and smartphone owners.

  1. Seamless Voice Control

seamless voice control - Future Smartphones

Voice control is already being used widely, but research is being made constantly to advance the development of voice control furthermore. Seamless voice control has proved to be a paramount task and recognition programming is ought to be made.

With all the newly improved voice recognition apps, there are greater capabilities and potential for the smartphones in the years to come, seamless voice control being one of them. Seamless voice control seems to be a viable goal, this combined with gestures might bring about interactivity to a new level for all the smartphones users.

  1. 3D Screens & Holograms

3D hologram - Future Smartphones

Smartphones are now moving from 2D to 3D smart-phones in terms of the screen. There are various mobile companies that are planning on manufacturing 3D screens for their smartphones. The next path most probably could be the holographic projections. Holographic projections mean a combination of 3D smartphones and projections from them.

3D display screens can be integrated with elements of movements for the user interactions with the phone, like you can resize the pictures by just using your hands to either ‘zoom’ or ‘compress’ the holographic photos, move objects by just ‘grabbing’ them from one place to another and more.

  1. Longer Battery Life 

longer battery life smartphones

With the developing technology, the future of power cells also seems bright. The power cells or batteries that can last up to weeks together without charging are also making their way into the market. These long-life batteries will soon be a reality looking at the innovations of hydrogen cell and lithium-ion micro batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are much more powerful than the Li-ion batteries and can be charged instantly. They are powerful enough to jump-start even a dead car battery.

So, these are only a few of the most awaited technologies that we can expect to see soon in the future smartphones industry. There are still a number of various amazing technologies that are making their way through. But if you compare smartphones of the present times, with those that are going to be manufactured soon, you definitely will see a storm of changes that are quite amusing.

Though it is exciting to see all these features in our future smartphones, we are left wondering what will it take for us to get there and how the masses will react to them. The emergence of newer, better and sophisticated smartphones that come with amazing technologies is the future of this technology-dependent generation.



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