TikTok for PC: Download on Windows & Mac

TikTok for PC


TikTok is one of the giant platforms of social media. It is devoted mainly to prospective musical artists for sharing their work using short videos. Users also have the possibility of connecting and working with other artists. People can share all the videos across all social media formats like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Currently, TikTok is used only on smartphones. But, there is a huge demand for users regarding the facility of TikTok for pc. To do this, you need to install the Emulator so that you would be able to use the apps from the Google Play Store on both Windows and Mac OS.

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How to Use TikTok on Windows PC

1) Before using TikTok on Windows PC, the first step you need to do is download & install BlueStacks Emulator. Click on the download button, from the website’s main page. If you do this, the system will automatically identify your computer’s OS and then select the appropriate version for downloading. After the downloading and installation, then open the app.

2) Next, to use TikTok for windows you are required to log in to Google Play account. After linking your account, you must go to the search bar and type “TikTok”. After you have discovered it in Play Store, you need to download TikTok for pc windows and install the app.

3) Then you should wait for the installation to get completed. After it is done, check for the TikTok app on your desktop. It should be in the download folder. Open the file and see your experience.

How to Use TikTok on Mac PC

If you have Mac OS, on your desktop, then the process for installing TikTok for mac is quite similar to that of Windows. This is also another form of installing TikTok for pc.

You need to again go to BlueStacks emulator for creating the proper environment. But let us venture into its details.

1) Go to BlueStacks emulator’s website, download it following the same process as that of Windows. Install it, and you find Bluestacks emulator in the Downloads folder of your PC.

2) After completing the installation, log on to your Apple Store Account and link it to the BlueStacks.

3) Next, once you discover the TikTok app in the Apple App Store and then you must install it and then run it.

4) Once the TikTok gets installed on your system, then you need to proceed and open it up and then hip hip hooray.

Now, friends, you have come to know how to download TikTok for pc on your system by using BlueStacks. But you will be delighted to know that, the same can be done without using BlueStacks. Now, let us see the exact procedure as to how to do it.

Installing TikTok without BlueStacks.

To do this, if your PC is running on Windows 8 or 10, the way is that you install the Windows store TikTok app.

1) Go to the Microsoft store of your PC, which has either Windows 8 or 10.

2) You should click on the Search bar, and then you should type TikTok and click enter.

3) Once you go to the Search results page, choose the App section and click the tab “Tik Tok for Windows”.

4) Finally, click on installation and let it be done automatically.

Installing TikTok on Mac without Bluestacks.

1) Open the store and check.

In the home screen of your PC, click twice and open the store. You will find it on the bottom of the screen and with other icons.

2) Search and find TikTok.

After opening the store, you can search for the TikTok app inside the store. Ensure, you use the search bar. Do click on the search bar. Next, type ‘Tik Tok’, and you should press enter a keyword. The comprehensive search results will be displayed.

3) Choose the app.

After getting the list of apps, your next job is to choose the correct Tik Tok app. Click the TikTok app twice, which is depicted by a white music note icon.

4) Click the installation button.

After opening the app, there will be an option for installation. Once you click on the install, the installation will commence automatically. First downloading will occur, followed by installation.

5) Finally, launch the app and log in with your user details.

After installation, the app has to be launched. For this, utilize the option search, or check it from the list of apps installed. After tracing the application, click on it twice and then log in.

How to edit TikTok video on your computer?

In case users wish to edit the TikTok video, like for instance, making it shorter, longer, changing colours, there is a very easy tool that is presently known as Beecut. This tool is an extremely simple video editing software program, which users can download and perform the free installation.

To begin, go to the BeeCut and click on the download button. Once, downloading is done, then you need to install it and start editing your videos, which you obtained after performing the TikTok app download for pc.


If you are an active Tiktok user on the smartphone, or you are a new user, who wishes to install TikTok on your desktop and get an enhanced experience, the above steps will prove to be very useful. For aspiring artists, it is an even more enjoyable experience, since they will get access to a much larger audience and teams for their work. So, it is a win-win situation for all the people involved.


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