10 Useful Websites and Apps for Freelancers

websites & apps for freelancers


Apps are usually developed to help people with their everyday tasks. Also, it helps us keep everything compiled and organized.

When it comes to freelancing, having the right apps for the job can make all the difference. It helps them increase their productivity and ensures timely payments with proper work balance.

There are different types of apps such as time-tracking apps, invoicing apps, email apps, management apps, job-searching apps, and others. These apps simplify the tasks of freelancers and make their work easier.

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Best Apps for Freelance Jobs

Are you looking for the best apps for freelance jobs?

To the oblivion of many, freelancing is just like physical office business where freelancers do the same full-fledged work as is done in other workplaces. They are engaged with tasks involving project management, preparing invoices, scheduling among other things.

For completing all these tasks, freelancers need different types of tools to perform their work efficiently. Some of the best apps for freelance jobs are helpful in preparing an email, drafting contracts, making payments, scheduling and distributing works, etc.

Just like workers going to office are provided with resources such as computers, software, etc; freelancers also require such tools tailored to help them the inefficient performance of their tasks.

Let us see some of the best apps for freelancers available for freelancers.

  • Boomerang

This is one of the best apps for freelancers. If scheduling emails is an uphill task for you, then befriend Boomerang. This app enables you to schedule sending your emails and also automates the entire process.

You don’t have to take the stress of memorizing your email schedules and worry about the timely response as the app will notify you.

The app takes care of your follow-ups all by itself and reminds you to keep in touch with your clients who haven’t responded in a while. It works like an email handle where you can read receipts and keep your follow-ups ready.

The app is easily available for Gmail, Android, and Outlook users.

  • Evernote

Evernote is an amazing task management app that helps freelancers to organize their work and increase their efficiency of performing different tasks. Evernote is similar to multipurpose free apps for freelancers that work as a note-taking tool and help you augment your productivity.

The app acts as a powerhouse of your workflow and offers freelancers to add visuals and images, take down notes, share documents, brainstorm ideas, set reminders, etc.

  • Hunter.io

This app is very helpful at times when you have to get a specific email address. Sometimes you lose an important email id and then waste time fishing your inbox out to get that address. This app comes to your rescue in such scenarios.

The app is also available as a chrome extension and can be added to your browser to find addresses from websites or LinkedIn. The app comes very handily when you have to do a domain search and browse the publicly available emails of the company.

Hunter.io allows you to verify specific email id’s if you want to make sure that it reaches the right recipient.

  • Remember the Milk

This is also one of the greatest free apps for freelancers. Managing your tasks effectively increases your productivity and freelancers know this very well. Remember The Milk gets you rid off irritating reminders.

With this app taking care of your tasks, you can spare time for other important work. The app allows you to create subtasks, set recurring tasks, define filters, specify due dates, and set importance levels of your tasks.

Freelancers can also set tasks in different lists and manage your work efficiently. The app is available for all the major devices and you can use it to set reminders on your devices.

  • Invoicely

Managing invoices is a big task. From making payments to keeping accounts, handling money matters needs utmost sincerity and meticulousness. Preparing invoices forms an important part of a freelancer’s job and if an app is there for this task, it becomes easy for workers.

Invoicely is one such app that helps you to track time, vehicle mileage, and business expenses. Once you issue invoices, the app lets you receive all the payments within the app.

Invoicely covers everything including discounts, taxes, and even shipping. Its rich features enable freelancers to manage everything under a single dashboard.

  • Shave

Drafting and signing contracts is another important part of freelancing jobs. Contracts are written in legal language and most of the times readers are required to read between the lines to understand the meaning of legal terminology used in contracts.

In such cases, Shake becomes a very helpful app.

The app will ask you a couple of questions regarding the agreement you wish to draft and based on your answers, you will be given a template. You can sign the document electronically or even in person and the same goes for the signature of your clients.

  • LastPass

LastPass saves your time which wasted on remembering your password when you forget it. You have to set a single master password that will unlock your vault. Then, the browser extension will itself fill in your username and password online.

The app keeps your information safe by setting up a master password.

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Websites for Freelancers

Do you want to know the about the best websites for freelancers? There are hundreds of people who are working from home and earning huge incomes through it.

Freelancing has become a flourishing business where people are working from the comfort of their home and providing valuable services to employers or clients.

There are ample websites for freelance jobs which list almost all the categories of jobs including designs, graphics, content writing, data entry, sales and marketing, multimedia, and translation, among a horde of other job categories.

Some of the best websites for freelancers afford a wonderful opportunity which benefits both the hirers and freelancers and make a lucrative business out of freelancing work.

  • 99designs

This website is only for freelance designers. This is one huge platform where companies can get answers to all their sundry designing queries.

Whether you want the best designers to create logos, websites, products, business cards, or T-shirts, you will find hundreds of talented freelancers excelling in their jobs.

The site has a different working pattern. The freelancer works on contest basis wherein they are required to submit their designs for the clients and then they are paid an agreed amount once their designs are selected.

  • Fiverr

This is one umbrella website for freelancers of all kinds. So, freelancers looking for work in digital marketing, writing, voice recording, designing, data entry, music, programming, graphics, or anything else will find work here.

It bridges the gap between hirers and workers and affords an opportunity to interact with each other. Employers wanting to hire talents for long-term or short-term projects can trust this website and extract the best minds on Fiverr.

  • Guru

Guru is one of the best websites for freelancers. Guru is home to more than 3 million services and freelancers can find all sorts of work they are looking for. Guru, like most of the freelancing websites, works on a bid system.

This means freelancers place a bid and submit quotes after viewing the clients’ postings. The best thing about Guru is that it has escrow, system, unlike other websites which ensure that freelancers get paid for their labour and efforts and are not duped by clients.

  • Freelancer

This is a rather well-known platform for freelancers and serves small businesses. Freelancers looking for jobs can explore all their relevant postings and place their bids on the ones they find interesting or suitable for their skills.

Initially, you may have to wait for a little to fetch some gigs but as your profile grows, you will have better chances of getting a promising job.

  • Envato Studio

Envato Studio is famous among freelancers wanting to work in animation, video editing, graphic design, etc. A horde of web developers, mobile developers, and other creative job-seekers will find a wide array of opportunities to restart their career.

Once you go to the platform of Envato Studio, you can post your details such as fees, sample work, testimonials, and client requirements.

The clients in need of talents of freelancers like you will go through your post. If your profile impresses the clients and suits their requirements, you will be selected.

  • Upwork

This is one of the most popular free websites for freelance jobs as it has helped both the freelancers looking for work and experts looking to hire the best brains for their company.

Job seekers will find work almost of every work category and secure a job easily showcasing their impressive portfolios. You can find companies to the likes of Unilever, Zendesk, Panasonic, Pinterest, etc. on Upwork.

Hundreds of freelancers have found their dream jobs from the comfort of home and they are earning big from their places.


Freelancing jobs have been simplified to a large extent with the development of free apps for freelancers and software.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to use the above-mentioned apps and free websites for freelance jobs if you want to augment your productivity as a freelancer and earn more in the shortest possible time.


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