20 Q&A Websites Like Quora to Ask Your Questions



There are times when you to want an answer to something very personal going in your life and you are afraid to talk about it. It may even happen that your children have some utterly weird but relevant queries and you want a trustworthy person to answer that. In such situations, you always think of websites to ask questions. This is where you can always bank on a responsible website like Quora.

Quora is one among several websites to ask questions and perhaps is the most famous one. Boasting a humongous 300 million monthly visitors, Quora is indubitably the leading and best question and answer websites. Having said that, the powerhouse of this website are the questions asked by people.

Websites to Ask Questions

On such websites to ask questions, can ask anything and everything, without being judged; and unlike search engines that mine your data, Q&A websites like Quora are not interested in encircling you in the trap of online ecosystem. The quintessential spirit of Quora and websites like Quora is to provide answers to the question of its users.

Be it a question on national politics, questions on love, weirdest questions, or question on any Tom, Dick, and Harry, Quora promises to answer of all that. The ultimate objective of websites like Quora or Quora itself is to enhance the knowledge of people and share it.

The Quora community answers the questions asked, edits, and organizes them. It keeps in the loop the users who can contribute actively by editing the questions or making suggestions to the answers.

The users can also follow certain topics and make quality additions to their pool of knowledge. The best thing about the Q&A websites is that the answers are given by credible people who have a good understanding of the issue raised in the question and have first-hand information.

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10 Other Websites like Quora

Sharing knowledge on websites like Quora is the best way to learn about new things or gain new perspectives in life. And who knows you may end up changing the life of someone.

As Quora is a noted one of the best question and answer websites, let us take a look at some other such question and answer sites list at our disposal.

  1. Flipboard
  2. Fluther
  3. StackExchange
  4. Ask Ubuntu
  5. Digg
  6. Raddle.me
  7. Hubski
  8. Answerbag
  9. Stack Overflow
  10. Experts Exchange

10 Other Websites like Yahoo Answers

When Quora was not present, Yahoo! Answers was a platform where people exchanged their knowledge online. Yahoo Answers another one from famous websites to ask questions. The users can ask about anything and also answer as long as the subject does not contravene the website’s community guidelines.

Yahoo! Answers was launched in 2005 replacing the original Ask Yahoo! which ceased to operate in March 2006. Soon, the website became notorious for some stupid and ludicrous questions asked by people. But, it was the first Q&A website in place to provide a question-answer platform.

Let us check out some more websites like Yahoo Answers which are akin to the Q&A format of Yahoo! 

  1. Ask.com
  2. Askville.com
  3. WikiAnswers
  4. Scoold
  5. Slant
  6. Answeree
  7. Allexperts.com
  8. Yedda.com
  9. Askme
  10. Reddit


Websites to ask questions afford a great opportunity to learn about different things and ask about almost anything under the sun. These were some of the best Question and Answer sites list at your disposal.

With these Q&A websites, or say the best question and answer websites now in your kitty, you can try the unconventional places to get information on a particular subject without any hassles of finding a credible source.



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