Are the Headphones a Must-Have of the Modern Era?



In the last couple of years, people started to wear headphones more and more often. We can see them everywhere, in the subway, on the streets, in the cars, or even teenagers wear them at school. Practically, there is no place in this modern society where you cannot see people wearing headphones.

If we think a bit of their utility, the headphones represent a necessity in our lives. Not everyone wants to hear our music, right? However, in the past few years, headphones have gone beyond this limit. Now, they represent a preferred method to show respect for the persons around you. You just put your headphones on and mind your business, and so make everyone happy. On top of that, the brand, color, or model of the headphones you wear, has started to also to influence our fashion choices.

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A Little Bit of Headphones History

If we think a bit of the headphones history, they were created for totally different purposes than what they are used for today. In 1881, the headphones were used by telephone operators. Back then, they were heavy and did not look not even close to how fashionable they are today. Since 1910, their design changed and they started to come closer to what we know today.

Since the mid-50s, the headphones started to become more similar to the ones we use today. Producers started to compete with each other and produce more and more modern products that come in different shapes and colors. The “revolution of headphones” came in 2008 when Dr. Dre, in collaboration with Monster, created “Beats by Dre”. This product created a new wave in the headphones industry. Everyone started wearing them, from sports players to singers or Hollywood celebrities. Paparazzi started to catch celebrities in photos and many of them were wearing headphones.

Then came 2012 which definitely changed anything we knew about headphones. Lil Wayne took this concept to a totally new level when he appeared with a custom-made pair of Beats full of crystals. These headphones were evaluated at around 1 million dollars. Since then, we faced “a headphones invasion” and we started to understand that they are definitely a must-have.

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Headphones Are the New Must-Have

ctically no person does not own a pair of headphones. Mobile phones come with a pair in the package. Therefore, if you own a phone, then you also own a pair of headphones. However, people do no limit themselves to the pair they receive when they buy the phone. Now, everywhere we look, from toddlers to adults, everyone uses headphones whether they use them to listen to music or to talk answer their phone.

The trend has gone that far, that now people look for reviews and buying guides before deciding which pair is best for them. The acquisition decision is now influenced by many factors such as wireless connectivity, noise cancellation, and of course budget. The fashion aspect comes next. It practically adds the final touch and has a major contribution in the final decision.

All in all, the headphones represent evidence for evolution. People and technology have advanced a lot and so did their habits and choices. For headphones, now is the momentum and they are definitely a must-have of the modern era we are all living.


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