Royal Clouds Hosting Review 2017

Royal Clouds Hosting Review

Royal Clouds Hosting has quickly become one of the most preferred web hosting companies on the web. Their feature-rich, easy and affordable hosting services are a boon for both small and large organizations. Needless to say, that the Company is winning hearts all over since its inception. It was introduced with a mission to provide easy and affordable hosting services to the individuals. The Company’s services enable them to bring their ideas to life. Their ever-expanding customer base is a proof of their credible services. Read on to know why Royal Clouds is better than other hosting providers.

Royal Clouds Hosting-Overview

Royal Clouds is one of the most reliable web hosting companies especially for enthusiastic bloggers and Digital Marketers. Unlike in other hosting brands, their affordable plans come with wide range of selections and many amazing features. The Company strives to provide an easy and affordable hosting solution to their customers, which is it is becoming a trusted brand among a huge number of individuals. Royal Clouds Hosting has Lite Speed Server, Next-generation processor, and Free DDoS Protection. Its multiple location features offer an advantage to its users.

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Why Royal Clouds Hosting?

The points listed below highlight the reasons for trusting Royal Clouds-

  • Instant Solution to Failover System
    The Company comes up with an instant solution to the hardware issues like a failure in the Disk, Ram, System, and others.
  • 99% SLA and Best Uptime
    No one prefers a hosting, which is down. Royal Clouds incorporates Next Generation processor and best architecture in order to offer flawless services to its users.
  • Remote Restoration and Backup
    With Royal Clouds hosting in use you can remotely backup your data and restore it easily with a single click.
  • 24/7 Support System
    The Company offers 24/7 support to its clients because their site can go down at any hour. So being one of the top hosting companies they consider the best interest of their clients. This means you won’t encounter any troubles in case your website goes offline.
  • High-end Security in Operations
    Royal Clouds uses an Antivirus that scans the database of the customers for the malicious file. In case of a threat, they immediately come up with the solutions and provide free DDoS protection.
  • CDN
    The Company provides CloudFare CDN Network to increase the performance of the hosted website, optimize its security while decreasing the loading time.

Benefits of Royal Clouds Hosting

  1. Integrated with Best-in-Class Technology

Royal Clouds stands amongst the best hosting providers because they use the top server for upgrading the speed of their client’s site speed. This is also to ensure the complete satisfaction of the customers. The Company offers both cheap web hosting plans and free web hosting plans. Users can upgrade their basic Hosting plan to premium paid plans at any time in case they need additional resources.

  1. Unrivalled Line Support with 99.9% uptime

For the webmasters, who are new to the industry the Company offers free web-hosting plans, making it possible for the amateurs to build a website. Irrespective of the hosting plan, the users choose they can count on 99.9% uptime. In addition, Royal Clouds focuses on offering best line support so that the queries and concerns of the customers are met at the earliest.

  1. Incorporation of Next-gen Processor

The Company uses high-quality dedicated servers and powerful next-gen processor to provide enhanced user satisfaction. Moreover, they acknowledge the feedback of all their customers. This is to improve their services further.

  1. Additional Value Services

Besides web hosting, Royal Clouds offers services for domain name transfers and registration, dedicated servers, script installers and site builders. In other words, this company offers a huge variety of services to its customers. As the sites grow, the company goes to every possible extent to support and meet the queries of customers regarding their web hosting needs. In addition, Royal Clouds also offers free auto install software. This software allows the users to install popular scripts like Magento, WordPress, and others in a click.

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Pricing For Royal Clouds Hosting

Royal Clouds Shared Hosting Plans- Ranges from $$0.99 – $9.99/month

Plan NameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of SitesPrice
Starter 10 GB102.4 GBcPanelUnlimited$0.99
Economy 20 GB205 GBcPanelUnlimited$1.99
Deluxe 30 GB205 GBcPanelUnlimited$2.99
50 GB307 GBcPanelUnlimited$3.99
Expert150 GB1 TBcPanelUnlimited$9.99

Royal Clouds KVM VPS Hosting Plans- Ranges from $4.00 – $100.00/month

Plan Name
VPS PLAN 1 10 GB1x2.27GHz512 MB<="" span="">$4.00
20 GB
1 GB
<="" span="">
40 GB
2 GB
<="" span="">
70 GB
4 GB
<="" span="">
100 GB
8 GB
<="" span="">
16 GB
<="" span="">

Dedicated Hosting – Ranges from $130-$700/month

Plan NameRAMCPUSpacePrice
Dedicated Server 1 24 GB
Dual Intel Xeon X5650 (Dual Hex Core w/HT)5 TB
Dedicated Server 2
48 GB
Dual Intel Xeon X5650 4 Bay (Dual Hex Core w/HT)10 TB
Dedicated Server 3 16 GBDual Xeon E5-2670 (2.60GHz) 32 Cores10 TB

Final Verdict

This Royal Clouds Hosting review would have given you a better idea of the Company and its working. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best hosting service providers in the market. Packed with amazing features, the hosting plans offered by Royal Clouds are created keeping the best interest of the customers in mind. The extra benefits like Backups, DDoS protection, and CDN for securing/optimizing the sites make the Company one of a kind. Royal Clouds Hosting is surely worth considering and worth the money price. The best thing about Royal Clouds is that it keeps the interest of newbies, in order to help them in the best manner possible. Moreover, they won’t let you down as far as their customer service is concerned. Your queries will be met professionally and in time.

Placing your bet on Royal Clouds will surely leave you with huge benefits.


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