Keep It Simple & Real with Simple Tinder Bios/Taglines

Simple Tinder Bios


Dating is quite common all over the globe and online dating helps locate suitable partners for your profile within seconds. There would be innumerable matches within a 5-10-mile radius of your present geographical location.

It all depends on how well your profile is built or written in order for a match to start a conversation, this goes for both genders. Even women these days are sometimes desperate to find a better half and they would be willing to start a conversation once they find a suitable match.

So, we will discuss a few tips and tricks that can use to make your profile sharper and more attractive of the opposite gender.

Have you ever used online dating sites before?

Some of you may have and some you may be new to this. Those who have experience might have used the tips and tricks that I’m about to talk about while, for those who are new here – enjoy the tips and tricks to find yourself a better half.

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Simple Tinder Bios

Simple tinder bios sometimes do wonders instead of those cheesy ones. It may not work for all but, that it certainly works in a few cases.

Some of the simple tinder bios in Tinder which has caught the interest have been mentioned here. Have a look and try to decide if you wish to use any of them.

  • Simple man looking for a spark
  • I never read software licensing agreements…. I just click agree
  • Bit of a rebel – sometimes I wash my lights with the darks
  • Not Ryan Gosling #heygirlsorry
  • Damn boy/girl, u must be my GPA because I know I could do better I’m just too lazy to actually try
  • Don’t judge me my age!
  • Looking for a guy/girl who will pick me over beer
  • Gag reflex as absent as my father figure
  • Horseback rider, dog owner, photographer and aspiring gym rat
  • I keep 300 heifers satisfied every day, looking to make that 301
  • I’m the puppy, you can also find me on sniffer
  • You get one of the Forrest gumps jokes so use it wisely
  • Lover… the word that burns me out unless it’s between meat and pizza
  • The funniest person I know – Louise CK
  • I’m here to avoid friends on Facebook
  • Trying to elevate small talk to medium talk
  • I have my PhD in Snuggleology
  • I’ll write you every day for a year
  • Pack a change of clothes and a pillow
  • I never use this sober

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Good Tinder Bios for Female

Some of the women tend to ignore writing their Bio which is bad in many ways. I’m being blunt here ladies and I apologize for that in advance, women think that they can find a man even without a bio or a profile tagline.

That trick doesn’t work any longer, maybe a few rare cases. It is always better to express about yourself in a few simple words.

Here are some of the good Tinder Bios or Simple Tinder Bios for Females.

  • I’m looking for a guy who is trusting and healthy!
  • Carefully written, fact-checked essay in the streets. The unmoderated comments section in the sheets
  • Chances are, you’re reading this after we’ve already matched
  • Cats, movies, vegetarian
  • All my pictures are from Hawaii to make me seem adventurous
  • Travelling, hiking, snorkeling, concerts, trivia and hanging out
  • I love Shrek 2
  • I enjoy long walks on the beach, except I can’t walk, and the sand fucks up my tires
  • I don’t make the rules, I just want to do the right thing
  • If I were an enzyme, I would be DNA helicase, so I could unzip your genes
  • I don’t hook up
  • If you can’t handle me at my worst then I applaud you for setting reasonable and healthy boundaries on your relationships
  • I left my emotional baggage at the door but I bought a small carry-on
  • I was trying to download yelp and I ended up here instead
  • Roses are red, violets are blue. I’m newly single, how about you?
  • Is everyone hanging out with me?
  • People call me Dumbledore because I’m the headmaster
  • I like art and wine and animals and pizza
  • Here to play my women card, feminist, writer, visiting
  • I’m looking for a sweet guy who loves flowers

Good Tinder Bio for Guys

There are a few bio tips for simple tinder bios for guys too. Use them wisely.

  • R u the bottom of my laptop bc u r hot
  • Don’t judge you have Tinder too
  • Stay majestic
  • Always looking for a smile and be happy
  • Love to laugh. My passion is shopping and being gorgeous
  • Honestly, I’m here looking for my parents
  • Outstanding Gentlemen – Washington Post
  • I wish I could be more like him – The most interesting man in the world
  • My hero – Spider-man
  • You take the blue pill, the story ends
  • I enjoy exploring, eating out meeting new people and the Oxford comma
  • I have multiple passports but I’m not a spy
  • English, terrible comedian, 6ft-perfect big spoon
  • Stop asking for review you weirdo – Anonymous tinder woman
  • Let’s sauce on the tub together, ya dig?
  • He’s an excellent flosser-Dan’s dentist
  • An absolute gentleman – Rudy’s mom
  • I’m dying to meet you. When can ICU?
  • Singer/actor, warehouse worker to pay the bills
  • I got a memory foam mattress if you are trying to chill

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Best Tinder Taglines for Guys

Here are a few taglines that you can use in your simple tinder bios to start a conversation more often than you think. Use them wisely and in your own way.

  • I’d like to talk about things you aren’t supposed to discuss in polite company
  • Nightmares are here, I just need to open the box. Will you help me?
  • I’m no good with bio
  • If you can’t handle my worst then leave, I’m always awful
  • I’m just a boy seeing if the girl will finish the rest of the pizza
  • I’m 6 feet and 4 inches, those are 2 measurements
  • If you can’t laugh at yourself, I’ll
  • Most notorious bachelor
  • Made 50 sheets of grey nothing in front of me
  • Married, could of kids, looking for some side action, just kidding, 3 Tamagotchi’s
  • Your lips look lonely, would they like to meet mine?
  • Hobbies-giving massages, buying flowers and listening
  • Interests-cooking, cleaning
  • Everyone deserves a chance so do I
  • Seeking someone that looks good on the arm to take to social events
  • Do you have a library card, I’m checking you out?
  • I lost my teddy; will you sleep with me?
  • I can die now since I’ve just seen a piece of heaven
  • I’m a guy interested in destroying your lipstick, not your mascara
  • You deserve a point of view if the only thing you see is you


With these well researched and successful tips and tricks, and the simple tinder bios listed for both genders, you can feast on the fact that they can find someone sooner than expected to share their life with. Good luck!


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