4 Reasons Your AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air

ac not blowing cold air.


You might be experiencing that your AC is not blowing cold air. There are mainly four reasons when your AC fails to blow cool air through the vents. These issues can be fixed at home itself and you do not have to run amok after technicians and wait for them to pay a visit to your home and resolve the glitch. The reasons are discussed in detail below.

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4 Common Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air

  • Dirty Air Filter

Dirt in the air filter blocks the airflow in the home. If this occurs then you will realize that air is not coming out of the vents when your AC unit switched on. To fix this you just have to change your air filter.

However, before you buy a new filter, make sure to check the one installed inside your AC unit. One way to do this is – hold the air filter up in sunlight and see whether light passes through both sides. If the light is unable to pass it means the air filter is too dirty and needs to be replaced.

You can consider a reusable filter option. If you want to use the filter for a long time before throwing it away then this is the best option for you. You will require a bristled brush for using this filter multiple times.

Whatever new AC filter you’re considering needs to have the right dimensions. Otherwise, it won’t fit, and your cooling issues will still exist. You’ll know what size to choose by looking at the dimensions on the old filter, or you can see what the recommended size is according to your HVAC system manufacturer.

  • Wrong Thermostat Setting

Another reason behind your AC not blowing could be the wrong setting of the thermostat. In this, you just have to pump the breaks. Check whether your thermostat is having a right setting because it may so happen that it may bet to “on” instead of “auto”. As a result of this setting, your AC may not be blowing cold air and you will feel a little warm.

This is a very common air conditioner problem and the solution is also simple. You just have change thermostat setting to ‘auto’ from “on”. Make sure you keep it on because not does this ensure blowing cold air but also prevents additional load on your AC unit. You AC will not be working harder than it has to. This will also cut down your hefty energy bills.

  • Clogged Outside Unit

The condenser has an important role to play in your AC unit. It extracts the heat from inside your house and releases it outside through the evaporator. When the outside unit gets clogged with dirt, the cool air finds it difficult to make its way inside.

This means you have to keep an eye on the outside unit on a regular basis. If dirt, debris, and leaves are present in this unit, remove them quickly from your AC unit. You can use a portable air compressor cleaning the outside unit. This will spray out the pressurized air and effectively remove things stored in the outside unit over time.

To reduce the clogging of the outside unit, you can certain measures and keep it clean. You can set up a small wooden fence to cover the condenser and provide protection. This keeps the dirt at bay and increases the longevity of your unit as it will not be too prone to getting dirty.

  • Low Refrigerant Levels

Your AC might not blow cold air due to the low refrigerant levels. You can easily ascertain this when warm air blows through your vents or when your energy bills are higher than they normally are. This problem cannot be addressed on your own and you will require a technician to fix this problem.


Check your AC units properly to see whether any part has gone out of commission as a result of dirt. Once you have identified it, you can take the help of a technician or fix the problem yourself as explained above.


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