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Gone are the days when it was unacceptable to talk about yourself at length, especially with random strangers. Also, people usually looked down upon other people who disclose their life story, or talk about their choices in general or in their life partner or music or food or whatever, to people you haven’t met or didn’t know.

But this is the generation of liberalism and these kinds of things are totally normal these days, and talking about yourself is encouraged and is also appreciated.

One such platform to be open about your preferences, likes, dislikes, and choices in your life partner or in a relationship or in your friend is the online dating profile! And, the best and most popular online dating website is Tinder.

But, it is not so advisable to start explaining too much about yourself and your dreams and desires right away on any platform, so we have come up with a few tips and tricks that will help you out.

Here are some important tips on how you can describe yourself on dating platforms liek Tinder, what you can write about yourself and what to avoid, and how to go about doing all of it to attract the right kind of people.

How to describe yourself on a dating site

You first need to get your story straight. Once you have a clear understanding of what you need to express, keep it as simple as possible. Don’t complicate things with unwanted stuff. Oncr we are done with the tips to follow, we will also move to helping you with the best tinder descriptions.

Some of the things to follow to describe yourself on a dating site:

  • Decide and show who you are and what type of relationship you are searching for
  • Be honest about a committed or not so committed relationship from the get-go
  • Start with a catchy statement
  • You have a character in mind that you wish to meet – convey that message here
  • Focus on character rather than characteristics, this will help explain your value, habits, and faith which could resonate with some other like-minded person
  • Don’t tell, rather show – this sounds a bit confusing but actions speak better than words
  • Travel can be something relative but it can mean either to an amusement park or to a secluded mountain, so mention your travel passions clearly
  • Negativity is a big nog
  • Some like to start with an apology for their typo or grammar which is funny yet a catchy start phrase
  • There is no shame in asking your trusted friends for help
  • Update a recent photo
  • Mention small things that you would do as a couple
  • Show humor or sarcasm while voicing your opinion
  • Don’t hesitate to mention your likes and dislikes
  • Irrespective of any aspect, ensure that your description shows what you believe in
  • The effective method focuses on attracting the right people rather than chasing away the wrong ones
  • Express what is unique to you and what attracts you in the person you wish to go on a date with
  • Provide genuine information about yourself. For example – you are a traveler, an athletic, a geek and an introvert or a perfectionist
  • Grammar is something that you need to keep an eye on – a perfectionist, as I mentioned above would be turned off at poor grammar

With these tips and tricks implied appropriately, the description should go smoothly without any hassle. And, you are now prepared to write the best tinder descriptions for yourself.

There are many more points to be pondered upon, research for it and try to create one of the best dating profiles while being genuine.

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Best Tinder Descriptions

We all know the user count in Tinder and there is a match every second on Tinder which could convert to a good relationship or might not. But, the chances of a match are high only when the profile is attractive irrespective of both genders.

And, for the profile to look attractive, you need to write the best tinder descriptions. So, how do you make it attractive? Try to use some good catchy phrases with a little humor and sarcasm to spice things up, and create some best tinder descriptions.

Check out some of the best tinder descriptions here:

  • Premium cat facts only on request
  • 73% gentleman, 27% rogue
  • Ranked 4th in world thumb wrestling
  • I’m so glad I swiped right – Future you
  • I walk along the beach with my girlfriend until the LSD wears off to find out it is a mannequin near a parking lot
  • Next up: windsurfing lessons, swipe right to join
  • Dark chocolate, turtle cheesecake or cherry Garcia?
  • Let’s cut this bullshit and just meet for a drink?
  • I have 10 suits so I make a great plus 1 for your summer weddings
  • Actually, several thousand years old don’t know why it says 21, lol
  • If you are looking to spice things up, I got multiple personalities for you to deal with
  • I’m 6’3” and will put you on my shoulders in concerts and swimming pools
  • The reason to swipe right (an excellent profile picture)
  • I’m Thai, so if you send me a dick pick, I might send you one back
  • I hear you like bad girls, I’m bad at everything
  • Next Trip: Japan or Australia?
  • What kind of bagel can fly?
  • I can show you the world
  • Dislikes cologne, hot head, and short ones
  • What was the last thing you ate?

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Tinder Tips for Females

Tinder Tips for Females

There are a few dos and don’ts that women need to follow when they start with their profile, bios and even description. This certainly helps make a huge difference in finding or not finding a compatible partner.

Please have a look at these tips and tricks, try to follow them as much as possible for smooth sailing relationships in Tinder.

  • Do include a catchy opening line for the profile
  • One clear photo of your face is sufficient
  • Always know what you are looking for
  • Be semi-active
  • Don’t lead with a joke photo or a meme
  • Don’t go with deep quotes
  • Don’t list your height
  • No group photos, only solo here
  • Don’t post a blurry or dark picture
  • Do write a bio and keep it simple
  • Expand your horizons a bit for better choices
  • If you are looking for a bold and sociable guy, appreciate his boldness
  • Don’t use the same picture 3 times
  • Look respectable in your photos and words
  • Try to engage in a conversation
  • Think like a man
  • Stop thinking, it’s about you
  • Be interesting
  • Show you and only you
  • Be in the moment

Tinder Tips for Guys

Tinder Tips for Guys

There are several subtle yet effective ways to make your profile attractive to the opposite gender when it comes to Tinder. There is always room for improvement and you need to constantly update your profile based on it.

Here are a few tips and tricks for guys who can seriously start to find relationships that they are looking for:

  • Know how women use Tinder
  • Your first picture should be only you with a clear face
  • Include a short and simple bio
  • Have more than one picture
  • Make sure that all the pictures you upload are yours and you look the same
  • The picture should bring out your best features
  • Height issues, too short or too tall, mention them or show them in a picture
  • Don’t use picture wearing sunglasses
  • Individual pictures only
  • Keep your clothes on in your pictures
  • Be genuine, you can’t fool anyone
  • Be open, not obnoxious
  • Don’t go overboard
  • Use Hallmark dating profile lines
  • Little things make a big difference
  • Let your freak flag fly
  • Don’t be basic
  • Nobody wants a pen pal
  • Foolproof profile styles that work is completely over-the-top, Short and sweet, Down-to-Earth and Adventurous
  • Don’t worry if a date doesn’t work out
  • Pick a reliable icebreaker


With these excellent tips and tricks for most of the scenario, and with some of the best tinder descriptions given to use in your profiles, you can be assured of finding a better half in no time. Keep trying until you find the right one that can make you happy.

I hope this information will be helpful to you in any least way possible, if it does, I would be happy about it!


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