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Musically Alternative


With a mammoth community of 80 million users, Musically (now TikTok) is a great music app for the users today. Musically is a free music app on social media which enables users to view user-generated videos. The users can also lip sync to different music clips and create their own videos.

You can select your own music or mix it someone else’s and use to concoct your very own short audio or video clip using a myriad of filters and video styles. If you are searching for more apps like Musically, then check out the following six musically alternatives which offer the same experience to users.

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5 Best Musically Alternative Lip Sync Apps

  • Dubsmash

This is one of the best lip sync apps available today. If you want an exact copy of websites like Musically, then Dubsmash will not disappoint you. When you ask for an alternative to Musically, users will say one name in unison- Dubsmash.

It has done the rounds of the market and enables you to do everything that you were enjoying on Musically. The app brags a large assemblage of short audio clips which can be searched easily by the users. You choose to lip sync and even record your version of the music videos.

One of the best things about Dubsmash is that you cannot only record lip synced music videos but also dialogues from TV series, cartoons, movies etc. If that is not enough for you, Dubsmash lets you import other sounds and record videos using them. You also have the option adorning your videos by putting stickers and texts on them.

While most of the apps use the ordinary feed-like structure to show community videos, Dubsmash displays the videos in a sassy form of Snapchat styled stories. These stories can be separated into two channels. On one channel you can see popular stories, on others you can see what you are friends are doing.

  • Triller 

This is another free music video maker app wherein users can create music videos in a high-quality format. It apes the user interface of Musically and thus is an amazing Musically alternative.

Triller users can also make videos in collaboration with their friends. The app provides an amazing auto-editing technology and easy interface which enable users to make quick music videos with their smartphones. So, it takes simple steps to tailor your very own video.

You just have to pick a song and select the portion of it, click a few pictures and in few taps you have readied a celebrity-quality music video.

Similar to websites like Musically you can add as many as 100+ filters and make customized videos by putting on with text, drawings, and emoticons. The app boasts a large library of music from where you can take trending tracks and create a video starring you and your friends.

Once you have created the video, you can share it via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Text, E-mail or save to your camera roll.

  • Funimate

Looking for a Tik Tok alternative? Then check out Funimate. Are you looking for lip sync apps that are exactly on the lines of Musically? Have you fished the internet but could not find anything similar to the form and function of Musically? Then, Funimate is going to be the best pick for you.

It has got a user-interface which will remind you of Musically. You can record yourself lip-sync to your favorite songs. The app betters user experience by providing some super cool effects such as emoticons, and other creative tools on your recorded videos.

Once you open the app, you can view the featured videos and lip-sync on them by pressing the “Plus” icon displayed at the bottom left and select the sound. Unlike Musically which offers a single style of recording, Funimate provides different styles of recording the videos.

Apart from recording lip-sync videos, you can also create compilations, music videos, slow-motion captures, and many more formats.

  • LIKE

If you are looking for websites like Musically, then LIKE would be a wonderful pick and an amazing Tik Tok alternative. Users can enjoy the best experience of lip sync apps on LIKE. You can lip sync to all of their favorite dialogues or songs via Like app.

This app gives some astonishing sci-fi effects so you can add controls like snow, rain, thunder and other 50+ magic effects. These effects will transform your videos with the magical touch of its features.

The app has more than 300 unique effects which will enliven your videos with creativity. Another advantage is that the app has 23 languages to choose from and thus it caters to a widest possible range of the community.

You can switch to a number of different scenes, background, and also add face stickers from a wide array of options.

  • Cheez

This is one of best Musically alternative for the users. Cheez boasts a whopping 50,00,000+ installs on Google Play and has been rated on 4.4.

Cheez was launched by a famous live streaming platform called and has plugged the void left behind for the users after the death of Vine. With an expansive range of features, Cheez beats Musically and offers you to record, edit, and share funny clips with the community using this platform.

So, whether you want to record an instant video or you want to mix different videos, you can have it both ways with Cheez.

Since it lets you record yourself while you are dancing and lip-syncing to the melodious music, the frenzy of Cheez is similar to that of Musically. You can add a hint of fun to the videos using its nifty editing tools and filters to make a unique content.

The most amazing feature of Cheez is its daily dance-off and challenges that allow you to showcase your flair for creating innovative videos which you can share on other social platforms as well.

  • Flipagram

Are you looking for more apps like Musically? It has nothing to do with Instagram, as one would otherwise conjecture. The app is a remarkable Musically alternative in the market. But the app indeed threatened the growth of Instagram with its surging popularity.

However, Flipagarm was limited to video edition and Instagram exploded with rage under the aegis of Facebook. Flipagram is one of the leading Tik Tok alternatives which is used to edit videos and has a large community of video creators.

The users will find the app very easy to use and beginners will easily get the hang of it. The community of creators on Flipagram makes use of its editing tools, effects, and filters to showcase their creativity.

You can choose the songs from its grand library of music including the works of independent artists and make amazing videos.

Final Words

There are more apps like Musically which are available on the internet such as Amazon Music, Brave Browser, video star, Pandora, etc. among a horde of others.

You can make use of it to hone your video editing skills and be all praised for your talent and creativity for making a magic spell in a video.



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