5 Best Face Mask for Coronavirus Protection



The risk of coronavirus has created chaos. In-country like India, section 144 has also been imposed to bring the spreading under control.

Countries like Italy, Korea, and Iran have already become a crucial victim after china, where the death rate and infected rate are still not getting under control. It is believed that this virus has been spreading like a fire, and each day more positive cases are reported in the country.

Considering the rate at which this brutal virus is spreading, and scientists are still not able to find the solution, people are now heading for precautionary measures which are why they are rushing to a medical store to purchase hand sanitizers and face mask for coronavirus.

This eventually has increased the demand for sanitizers and facemasks to a great scale. In some countries, there has been no availability of the facemasks, which is why the rate of buying it has also increased.

The Role of Face Mask:

Frankly, the rate at which coronavirus is spreading, some so many people are looking forward to using the best respirator masks protect from viruses. If you are looking forward to buying one, then remember the use of masks should only be done depending on the rate at which you are infected.

If you are not infected and healthy, then you should be wearing the mask only if you find a suspect with an infection of nCoV. If you have been coughing and sneezing, then for preventing measure, the mask can be effective, provided you use the alcohol-based sanitizer.

You should only be wearing disposable masks, and when removing it, you need to remove from inside and not holding it from the outer side.

Listed below are the top 5 best face masks for coronavirus that are quite trending in the market today. If you are planning to buy any of it, then make sure you get it today since they are running short.

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5 Best Face Mask for Coronavirus Protection

N95 respirator face mask Corona

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  • N95 Respirators

N95 respirator face mask is personal protective equipment that protects the wearer from any kind of airborne particles. It is believed that this mask is certified to be used for protection against the spreading of Coronavirus.

However, you are advised to use these masks only if it has been approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) whose logo can be visible. This mask ensures that it protects you even against the particles that can be too small to see form the naked eyes.

It is also effective against gases chemical vapours and gasoline and asbestos to name some. The moment you realize that the mask is getting clogged, it is a time for you to understand that you will have to throw it and wear the new one.

Since it cannot be cleaned or disinfected, it is better that you but these masks in the bulk quantity itself. This is the most op notch mask over any other respiratory face mask. It is made of the finest eco-friendly material, which is why even for sensitive skin it will not be annoying

FFP1 Face Mask for Coronavirus

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  • FFP1:

FFP1 is a set of 5 masks, which is also a trending coronavirus mask in the market today because of the quality results. It is quite protective and has been designed only under the guidance of top-notch health care experts.

This high-quality branded product is designed to meet the repository protection solution and falls under the requirements of EN149:2001 category FFP1.

It ensures that the wearer gets absolutely protection against the non-volatile liquid and solid particulars and thus obstructs the route of the bacteria from entering too. You can use this option in the areas where the risk of contamination is quite strong already

FFP2 Grade Face Mask best for Coronavirus

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  • FFP2 Grade:

FFP2 grade is the N95 coronavirus face mask that is designed to protect the respiratory system. It is extremely easy to use and has been designed for a different type of facial structures.

This face mask is available in the folded valve, folded univalve and moulded valve, and moulded unwalled filtering masks option. It advises the people to use it for the protection of the respiratory system, especially if there is any kind of person you come across who is a suspected patient of the same health issue.

Recommended by WHO, it is said to be an efficient option for the people who have Avian Flu, SARS, and Coronavirus.

Ffp1 mask for coronavirus

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  • Respirator Ffp1 P1 Dust Face MasksĀ 

This is another incredible mask that claims to offer protection against many harmful illnesses. It is believed that this dust face mask is quite an effective option and is sold already in the market. Rather in some stores, if this face mask is not available, then almost a similar alternative to coronavirus n95 mask is being offered to the customer.

It comes with a pack of 5 and needs to be thrown after the usage. EN149:2001 category FFP1 P1 is rightly met. You can use this face mask against the protection from solid and non-volatile liquid particles. It is easy to wear and remove and promises for better hygienic conditions too.

Ffp33m Mask for Coronavirus

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  • Particulate Respirators Ffp33m 8835 Dust MasksĀ 

Last but not the least comes is the Particulate Respirators FFP33M 8835 Dust Masks, which has proved to be a tough competition to rest mask for coronavirus other above-mentioned face masks. It is a high-grade material-based brand that meets the EN149:2001 category FFP3D requirements.

The protection against all non-volatile and solid particles can rightly be offered with this type of option. You can use this best mask for coronavirus while going out or when you find some suspect. It is World Health Organization Coronavirus Approved which is why you can rest assured you are investing in the right option to prevent the risk of Coronavirus

Final verdict

WHO and certified health care experts recommended the use of such masks in the situation when your respiratory system needs protection? This can be not just associated with coronavirus but also because of Avian flu and SARS.

The World Health Organization advises that only certified and advised by healthcare workers, which they often use during aerosol-generating procedures based best face mask for coronavirus protection, should be used.


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