How to Get WhatsApp Payment Feature in Android & iOS

How to Get WhatsApp Payment Feature


The World’s most beloved App, WhatsApp, being used by more than one billion people every day to keep in touch with their family and friends, and further, being used as the app to contact with their businesses, which they are so concerned about.

Indeed, a lot of people are getting connected with WhatsApp every day, whether it is ordering something with a local bakery or having a look at new styles from a clothing store.

But the way this takes place currently on WhatsApp is pretty fundamental.

WhatsApp has been updating its features regularly as per user’s requirements and also adding new features to it constantly.

And, as announced earlier, WhatsApp payments feature based on UPI has been shortly introduced for both Android and iOS versions of the App.

In India, WhatsApp is being broadly used by more than 200 million active users, which shows that the App could anticipate a great rise in the number of users accomplishing their businesses over the App through UPI instead of using an ideal digital wallet App.

So, let’s get a better interpretation on how to get WhatsApp Payment feature.

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What is WhatsApp Payment Feature

WhatsApp Payments is an account-to-account money transfer feature based on UPI which allows users to send and receive money instantly through WhatsApp messenger.

As it is built on UPI, the money will go directly to your bank account, getting rid of the need of mobile wallets and also without acquiring any details of the beneficiary’s account.

As reported, this feature is presently in beta version and has not been publicly announced as it is not broadly accessible at this moment.

It is available for both Android and iOS versions of the beta version App.

Consequently, when the new WhatsApp payments feature built on UPI is launched, it will probably give a tough competition to digital payment services like Paytm and Google Tez.

Summon up that the feature is only accessible to the mobile version of the application and not on WhatsApp Web.

Further, the payment interface assists UPI services from all leading banks including SBI (State Bank of India), HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, and Airtel Payments Bank.

Now that you know what WhatsApp Payment is, the next question that will pop is how to get WhatsApp Payment Feature.

How to get WhatsApp Payment Feature

Basically, you need to ensure that you have the latest version of the WhatsApp – as per the release, it is v2.18.41 on Android and v2.18.22 on iPhone.

Open any WhatsApp chat and check if you can view the new Payments sub-heading under the Settings menu.

If yes!! Excellent, now you got access to UPI-based WhatsApp Payment Feature.

If not, then follow the steps below to get it on your phone

If Your WhatsApp Doesn’t Have the Payment Feature

If you can’t see the ‘Payments‘ option on your WhatsApp yet, don’t get freaked.

Just follow this simple way on how to get WhatsApp payment feature:

  • To activate your “Payments” feature on WhatsApp, you need to use a phone number which is linked to your bank account that supports UPI.
  • Now, simply lookout for someone who’s got the payment option activated.
  • Ask them to help you activate this feature by sending funds.
  • People who already have the payment feature on their phone need to go to the particular chat, open it and click the attachment option i.e., paperclip-shaped
  • Here they can view the “Payment” option which they simply need to click.
  • This will prompt them an error, which says that “To receive Payment, So-and-So person, needs to set up payments on WhatsApp by tapping Settings -> Payments.”
  • And hence, they have already authorized the WhatsApp Payment feature for you.

And you have it already…!!

Let’s now get started with how to use the WhatsApp Payments Feature by understanding the below-mentioned steps:

How to Add Bank Account for WhatsApp Payment Feature

Initially, to get started with the WhatsApp Payment Feature you need to add a bank account which requires the following steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and navigate to Settings —> Payments.
  2. Next, go to Bank Accounts —> Click on the Add New Account option.
  3. Then you are navigated to agree with the Terms and Privacy Policy option.
  4. Click “Accept and Continue”.
  5. Click the Verify via SMS button and adhere to the prompts to receive an SMS to start the linking process.
  6. You are taken to the next screen where you need to select the bank whose account you wish to add.
  7. If you possess an account (or multiple accounts) linked to the number that you just received the SMS from, you will be granted with your account (or accounts) from that bank.
  8. Next, the UPI Setup Complete screen shows up if everything goes well.

You can reiterate these steps to append multiple bank accounts to WhatsApp.

If you have fastened multiple accounts, you can allocate one of them as the primary account (by default it will be the account you added first).

How to Send Money through WhatsApp Payment Feature

You need to keep in mind that the WhatsApp payment feature particularly works if the receiver has set up their bank account within WhatsApp.

Also, you can send money to individual group members in a group chat, required that they have authorized the Payment option.

Furthermore, you cannot pay money to verified business accounts such as BookMyShow, RedBus, Amazon, MakeMyTrip etc., as the service is only peer-to-peer (i.e. account to account) and the merchants are not yet supported to avail this service.

Here’s how to make your first (and consecutive) payments through WhatsApp:

  1. Open WhatsApp and select the particular individual’s chat to whom you wish to send money.
  2. Click the Attach button on Android. And in case you are using iPhone, select the Plus button.
  3. Here you can view the Payment option.
  4. To transfer money, just click on Payment, and enter the amount you want to send.
  5. Also, to be more precise, you can add a note to the message if you want.
  6. To approve the payment, simply enter the UPI PIN of the bank account from which you are trying to send money.
  7. Once the money is transferred, the amount (and the text note, if any) will appear as a message and as part of the conversation.

The steps are fairly understandable and require only a few clicks to accomplish.

If you wish to swap between accounts, you merely need to click on the bank account when transferring money and you can view the list of linked accounts to switch between them.

Further, WhatsApp will preserve a log of all your transactions i.e., the money you sent and the money you received — using the Payments option under Settings.

To check the log, just go to Settings, click on the Payments and then tap the View History option.

So, this was all about how to get WhatsApp payment feature on your smartphone and how to use it.

Bottom Line

The WhatsApp Payments feature is particularly developed for the Indian market.

This is WhatsApp’s initial attempt at the digital payments front, which has been influenced by Paytm, Google Tez and other digital wallet apps that have been around for a long time in India.

It will make easier for people to make transactions between them in a faster and simpler way.

Hope this article has helped you with all your questions regarding how to get WhatsApp payment feature.


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