5 Tips to Grow Facebook Page in 2020

grow facebook page


How many likes does your Facebook page have? If you are a newbie in the world of social media marketing, the following is what you’re looking for. Presently, Facebook has over 2 billion active monthly users and out of this 50% of them follow minimum 5-6 pages individually.

With these many monthly users, creating a Facebook page of your own to expose your product and services is an effective way to reach out to the targeted customers. Pages are free to create, initially, zero overhead cost is involved – however, you should keep a portion of your budget ready for paid advertising on Facebook which targets the exact demographics of the prospective customer.

Facebook provides analytics, overall market’s intentions and a whole lot of exposure. When someone likes your page, they automatically follow it. Offer a valid reason to your targeted audience to not only “like” your page but also to click the “See First” tab. But the question that pops up is how to garner page likes? Just like any good marketing initiative, first, develop an optimized strategy.

The audience is one thing that fuels the online marketing machine. Without traffic, you cannot survive in the digital space. Great content and fancy conversion funnels are of no use if you don’t have followers and likes on your page.

In this article, we shared with you the five tips to grow Facebook page in 2020.

Let’s begin…!!!

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5 Tips to Grow Facebook Page in 2020

  • ENGAGING CONTENT – Engaging content is the first step to take to make any digital marketing campaign successful. To make your business survive in the online marketplace, quality content plays a vital role- from blog posts to an infographic based newsletter. Same applies to Facebook. Make sure that all your posts add value in one way or the other. Either they should entertain or provide solutions to problems.

Likewise engaging content, photos too should be eye captivating. This might make your current followers share your post on their personal page, thus attracting new likes. Remember, content is the king of all marketing channels.

  • POST CONSISTENTLY – This is not a cumbersome process – post regularly. Create a content calendar and create posts well in advance to keep your Facebook content organized and posts consistently. Facebook takes into consideration consistency, quality and types of posts you create for your business to help people know what kind of messages you convey and how they are an optimal solution for the audience.

If you’re looking forward to growing your audience base, you need to engage with the existing ones first. Facebook is a social media platform, and being sociable is a key to boost your brand image and likes.

  • PAGE PROMOTION – Do you have accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat? Well, if you have, it’s good. Because of new likes, cross channel marketing in social media is very helpful. You can promote your Facebook page across all those accounts bi-weekly. This will help you gain maximum likes from new viewers. No doubt, when it comes to engagement – Facebook is still the king but there’s no harm if you also promote it on other platforms.

You also have the option of tagging other brands to make your page visible to more people. However, use only relevant tags. Cross-promotion of businesses is also helpful.

  • FACEBOOK CONTEST – 81% of the marketers look forward to interactive content than the static one for it grabs the reader’s attention. Create a post and write in it “Like the post”. Trust me, this will boost your ‘Likes’ by leaps, and bounds, and it is the most popular form of content on Facebook. Everyone likes to participate in contests.

Hence, be creative and create contests that are engaging and capture the attention of the existing one as well as attract the new ones. Host a content once in a month, or once in 15 days. Try to give away free swags or services to the winner.

  • RUN FACEBOOK ADS – With Facebook, every penny spent reaps good results for Facebook offers detailed ad targeting. There are two different ways to advertise on Facebook: ad campaigns and boosted campaigns. Engagement based campaigns expose your ad to a wide range of audience thus increasing the number of page likes.

On the other hand, the ad campaigns, you extend the audience base beyond the people who have already liked your page. This works best if you have a compelling post that is already doing great and has captured a lot of organic likes. You have an option to choose from a variety of ad formats for Facebook.


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