5 Influencer Marketing Trends to follow in 2019

Influencer Marketing Trends 2019

Video marketing is an all-time necessity

ion of marketing has been in practice for years but wasn’t recognized as a popular one. And, it now has flared up as a sophisticated marketing strategy.

Below are the top influencer marketing trends one needs to follow or try in 2019.

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Top 5 Influencer Marketing Trends to follow in 2019

h3>Video marketing is an all-time necessity

Video marketing represents more than three-quarters of internet traffic. The videos are fun to watch and people feel them be more authentic, and engaging. Social media platforms let the influencers experiment with video marketing trends through Facebook Live, Snapchat or Instagram stories.

The interactive media such as live videos and stories will reignp>Regardless of how effective video is for marketing, Facebook and Instagram live videos and the stories are a huge part of the engaging content and have a huge impact on the audience as well.

Such media is used intellectually by brands to gain followers and engage them. Upon all, such media gives the influencers freedom to create branded content that drives traffic and good results.

Buttoning on the right ones and approaching with the appropriate deals for your brandp>Since influencer marketing trend is going mainstream, there are a lot of brands that are jumping on the bandwagon and joining the race. So, it becomes very much important for your brand to choose the right influencer with the appropriate deal.

Because if you choose an influencer with a huge follower base, then the choice of the influencer becomes selective and they would work with the one that offers them a developing and meaningful partnership. Specialized influencer marketing agencies can help you connect with the influencers that are the best fit for your brand.

Manoj Padaiyachi who has worked as an Influencer with the brands like Truecaller, Fastrack, Hike, Maggi, Cadbury to name a few believes that “One has to be very much focused and clear as an influencer as well as a brand. It’s not about chasing impressions or numbers, it’s about chasing the intent and conversion. And as an influencer like me, it carries a huge responsibility and dedication to the brands I influence, because whatever we say and do affects a lot of people.”


Keep Authenticity at the top

cial figures representing your brands will have a huge impact on the audience as well as on the success of influencer marketing. Since buying fake followers and posing as an influencer has become more easier, you need to keep from working with fake influencers as the results of which can be disastrous for your brand, especially if you invest a lot and end up getting nothing at the end. Cautiousness and proper research will help you get the right influencers for your brands.

But that doesn’t mean you will always need popular and high-budget influencers for your brands. A good solution is to work with the less popular ones called “micro-influencers” who are on an uphill journey in the stream with few followers and strive to make things look more authentic and engaging.


Time-to-time tracking of Key performance indicators

g the effectiveness and ROI of campaigns is very important as the brands aim to increase the influencer campaign budget exponentially. So, it means setting up concrete metrics to track the launch such as hashtags usage, website traffic, likes, comments, conversions and increasing followers is required.

Use software that makes influencer marketing process significantly easier with the increasing need for precise and accurate measurements. So, before you proceed to sign with an influencer, ask them for the specific KPIs they delivered previously and decide on the KPIs you use to evaluate because it is important for the parties to agree on metrics that are realistic and mutually aligned.

Bottom L

Bottom Line

e were the top influencer marketing trends when practiced precisely will end up bringing good results for your brand. If you haven’t tried up influencer marketing for your brand yet, then try it now.


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